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    Supreme Disc Dining Table

    Rs. 4,600 Rs. 6,000
    Disc Blow Moulded Dining Table

    Supreme Buffet Table

    Rs. 4,999
    Buffet Blow Moulded Dining Table

    Supreme Futura Chair with Olive Table - Globus Brown

    Rs. 7,500 Rs. 7,999
    Supreme Premium Arm Chair with 4 seater Olive Dining table

    Supreme Fiji Chair (Set of 4)

    Rs. 3,600 Rs. 5,000
    supreme premium Fiji High Back arm Chair

    Supreme Turbo Super Chair (set of 4)

    Rs. 4,600 Rs. 5,500
    supreme premium Turbo Super Arm Chair

    Supreme Cambridge Love 2 Seater Plastic Sofa - Milky White

    Rs. 4,800
    Supreme Premium Cambridge Love Seat 2 Seater Sofa