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    Welcome to our chairs section, Here you will find chairs of different brands, designs, and colors. Here we have collected all the chairs from top Brands. We have categorized the chairs in the following category. Supreme Chairs, Nilkamal Chairs, Cello Chairs, Avon Chairs, Dining Chairs and more... Click on the category of your choice and Book Your Chairs.
    In coming days you will find more chairs in this category, We are trying hard to provide all kind of chairs to our customers including Plastic Moulded Chairs, Office Chairs, Garden Chairs, Cane Chairs, Steel Chairs and more.

    Nilkamal Club Chair Weather Brown (Set of 2)

    Rs. 7,999
    The all new comfort chair from Nilkamal

    Cello Jordan Chair (set of 4)

    Rs. 4,400
    Cello jordan chair is a high back premium chair. jordan cahir come with a wide seat for comfortable seating.

    Cello Atria Chair (set of 4)

    Rs. 6,199
    Premium comfort chair

    Cello sleek chair (set of 4)

    Rs. 2,799
    Premium arm less chair for Dining

    Cello Globus Chair (set of 2)

    Rs. 5,999
    Cello Premium comfort cushion chair

    Supreme Ornate Chair (Set of 2)

    Rs. 5,000 Rs. 7,400
    Supreme Premium Comfort Arm Chair

    Supreme Texas Chair (Set of 6)

    Rs. 9,500 Rs. 14,550
    Supreme Premium Arm Chair

    Cello Ecstasy Chair (Set of 4)

    Rs. 7,200 Rs. 8,176
    The all new elegant ecstasy chair

    Cello Comfort Chair (Set of 2)

    Rs. 2,800
    Cello Comfort Arm Chair

    Nilkamal Crystal PP Chair (Set of 4)

    Rs. 8,600 Rs. 9,700
    Nilkamal Premium Crystal PP comfort Chair

    Cello Maxima chair (set of 4)

    Rs. 2,900
    Cello premium arm chair

    Cello kraze Chair ( Set of 2) Brown

    Rs. 4,999
    The all new comfort chair from Cello

    Cello Kraft With Arm Chair Brown (set of 4)

    Rs. 6,600
    All New Cello Kraft with Arm

    Cello Miracle Delux (set of 4) Black

    Rs. 5,200
    Cello Premium without arm chair with Cushion seat

    Cello Acme Chair ( Set of 4 ) - Rose Wood

    Rs. 4,600 Rs. 4,900
    The all New Cello Premium High Back chair


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